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With CM Punk out, will we get Reigns vs. Rock at Wrestlemania 40?


I, like many, assumed that the two big matches at WM 40 would be Seth "Freakin'" Rollins vs. CM Punk (world title) and Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes, part 2 (Universal title). This was under the auspice that one would win the Rumble and the other would win Elimination Chamber.

But, CM Punk tore his right tricep at the Rumble and announced on Raw that he is out of 'Mania. When Rhodes did his promo later in the show, Rollins interrupted him before Rhodes was to officially pick Reigns as his opponent. Rollins insisted that his world title was the "workhorse title" and the "Dusty Rhodes title", and "blue-collar title" He stated that it was created because people were tired of Reigns hardly showing up on Smackdown, barely defending his title, and cheating almost every time to keep his belt.

But with Punk out, should Rhodes choose Rollins, it leaves a spot for a challenger against Reigns. Could the Rock get snuck in the Chamber, enter the match last, and take a shortcut to WM40 to face his cousin for the Universal title?

And if that happens, which match is officially the true main event?

rock vs reigns seems lackluster ,,


--- Quote from: njflex on February 01, 2024, 02:46:14 PM ---rock vs reigns seems lackluster ,,

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Well, based on Smackdown last night (and the internet uproar that has followed), it appears we will get Reigns vs. Rock. But, WWE hasn't officially stated if it's a title match.

I have a theory, though!!


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