Author Topic: Computers are the next level of evolution  (Read 29403 times)

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Re: Computers are the next level of evolution
« Reply #50 on: May 27, 2023, 11:38:47 AM »
Haha, it's all good, mate. I was admittedly coming in hot that morning and hadn't had my second coffee. I thought I was being sassed! As a Getbigger, I obviously don't take kindly to disrespect so I went on a bit of a rant. I liked your posts.


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Re: Computers are the next level of evolution
« Reply #51 on: June 01, 2023, 10:27:00 AM »
AI is the next level of evolution.

     You donít see changes in genome and DNA sequencing because my theory says we have Asexual evolution now. AI. No DNA(yet). But if you look at the human brain vs. computers, you see striking similarities. A brain uses neurons and dendrites, computers uses transistors run by a CPU.  But between the human brain and AI brain, only one is evolving.

      Like others mentioned earlier in the thread, both computers and the human brain are just electrical signals being sent. As we speak, neuroscientists are actually reverse engineering the human brain to put into AI evolution. Transistors can mimic dendritic organization in the human brain.

     A main difference with humans is that damn ego again. Humans incorrectly wire their brains with things like fear, anxiety, and all the other bullshit Tony Robbins and others became billionaires off. Robbins practices NLP, Neuro linguistic programming. Literally reprogramming the brain.  Breaking bad habits and emotions makes physical, electrical changes in your brain. Same with addictions. All faulty wiring in the brain.

     An ďanti depressantĒ  medication is simply altering Chemical and electrical messengers so chemicals like serotonin, dopamine or norepinephrine build up in the synaptic cleft of a receiving dendrite.  And you feel happy! 
We are not as complicated and unique as we think.  AI will surpass us one day. Itís evolving. and weíre devolving.

Again, just amateur conspiracy theory.

Which one is evolving?  Which one is not?


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Re: Computers are the next level of evolution
« Reply #52 on: July 09, 2023, 08:43:16 PM »
     My last post in this weird thread I created. Iím just going to be honest. Iím a recovering alcoholic/drug addict and the early parts of this thread I was in a dark place.   I was in Guadalajara, Mexico in a fucking shithole hostel in a tiny room with no windows drinking. I was getting robbed by Mexican police, my life was hell. I lived in Guadalajara for 7 fucking dark years. I drank and did all sorts of hard drugs. I even found Nubain which is impossible to get.  The only positive thing I kept doing was training, albeit shit training, thatís how I ended up at John Romanos gym in Guadalajara. .
     I did steroids to make up for shit training and shit diet. I feel shame as thatís not how steroids should be used. Thatís not bodybuilding. I was an alcoholic drug addict, making up for shit diet and training by slamming those sustanon preloads you can get over the counter in Mexico. My life was out of control.
     Anyway, to save my life I came  back to the US and did whatís called Marijuana maintenance recovery, sometimes called ďcali soberĒ. But I have bipolar, and it got me psychotic. I wasnít drinking, but I was off the fuckin rails with marijuana. You can tell in some of the posts.
     Anyway, for some weird reason I kept posting in this weird Getbig thread year after year. Im rarely here but every couple years Iíd come back and post some weird shit. I never would have posted if it was an active board, but it was dead so I just let it out.
      Many of the early posts I wrote in an alcoholic blackout. I can actually see the change from alcoholic to marijuana as the posts got less aggressive and more hippie, Beatles, crazy shit. It seemed profound  when I wrote it, but marijuana  is deceptive. Itís a fine line between opening your mind and just being a fuckin rambling, baked stoner. Any of you artists or authors out there, careful with marijuana. You might not be as profound as you think. I proved that. Iím embarrassed.
     Looking back, I think the whole ďgod is truthĒ shit was About me praying to get sober. Truth=sober. The ďsober truthĒ.  I was longing to be free from addiction.
      I used this dead conspiracy theory forum to vent my desperation at the inability to get sober. God is truth, once you accept truth youíll get sober.
     All kinds of weird rambling shit. I apologize.
     That being said, I think there are some valid points in between the dunk, stoned, hippie bullshit. I stand behind everything I wrote. I made some valid, interesting points.
     But itís not a developed theory and not even a conspiracy theory at all, which is what the fuckin board is called. Iím fine if we delete The Whole thread. Like I said , I never would have posted if the board  was active. I thought it showed it was active and might promote some activity. Iím a long time conspiracy theory fan for entertainment purposes. Way back to Art Bell.

Sorry this ended with some Oprah bullshit, but I think there are some valid points of discussion hidden in the hippie bullshit.

Iím sober now, Iím alive somehow. This thread was a journey of a desperate guy getting sober. But itís not a conspiracy theory. Iím fine deleting the thread. Iím sorry.

Notomorrow out.