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Its been a while


Well, after 4 months of not touching a weight. June 3 was the last time I touched a weight to be exact, I am now back in the gym. I was out for 4 months because of personal problems. It felt great, but whats really sad is my friend whose been working out for about a year pretty consistently is still weaker than I. I thought that was pathetic, especially since I've done absolutely zero physical activity since June 3rd. I rubbed it in his face yesterday and said he needs to use that as motivation, because thats just sad. When I left his bench was about 75lbs below me, and right now its about 25lbs below me...pretty sad. I'm still astonished at how much strength I actually still have, Id figure I'd be back in there and have newbies out lifting me easy, but its weird how the world turns.

Just ranting here, feel free to comment.


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