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How, s this Leg routine for Mass.


big E:
Here is the routine:

Leg day 1

squat,  6x 5,4,3,2,1,10-20 rest pause to 20 reps
Front squats 5x5
Crab leg hack squats 3x 8-12 last set is drop set x3
Lunges & Leg extensions 3x 8-15 super sets
Stiff leg deads 5x5

Leg day 2

Squats 5- 6x 12,12,12,8,6,3
deads 5- 6x 12,12,12,8,6,3  both are super setted with 90 second rest in between.

leg curls 3x 15,10,8 drop set x3
db  leg curls 3x 12,10,8
stiff leg db 3x 15,12,10

day 1 sunday, more quad work. Followed by day 2 Thursday, more ham work.

Definatly great if you are looking to overtrain :-\

May want to explore the old Art Jones leg program.

Leg extensions 12-15 reps
Leg press 12-15 reps
Squat BB'ing style) 12-15 reps

No rest between exercises for one cycle.  Try for 2-3 cycles, 2 minutes rest between cycles.


Standing leg curls, atlernate leg , alternate

SS'ed and no rest between cycles for 3 cycles.  Doing a exercise that mimic's the actual function of the ham's will have a more direct affect on the muscle. Though SLDL's/GM'ing do influence the ham's they should only be used as a warmup/warmdown before and after  in this style of leg program.

Good Luck.


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