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I Hate My Family

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I genuinely look forward to the day my sister and dad meet their end, and I hope its a painful one

my mom not so much, shes ok

just venting carry on


--- Quote from: Phantom Spunker on December 01, 2021, 12:04:21 AM ---No one in my family has any contact with my brother. I wouldn't say I hate him, but I have no interest at all in his life and don't even know his phone number. What's the story with your sister?

--- End quote ---

shes literally the most extreme Karen you would ever encounter in your life. She lives a holier than thou existence. Her kids are 25 and 22 and Ive never been allowed to talk to them because of "the life Ive led"

Op how dare you that's your blood

Confucius say: "Indifference is worse than hate."

Has Josh been banned again..? :-\


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