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Monica Brant's husband Scott!

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Malibu Barbie:
Looks like a women proud of her man, and damm she should be!!!!!  :They both look great. Looks like Monica will be ready for the O. I like her hair darker and don't see any "crows feet". Come on now, quit being catty cause you don't have anything like that hunk to snuggle with. ::) Shoot, maybe I need to give up the Blonde Bimbo look and replace Ken with a newer model like Scott. Whoops, I didn't mean that. :-X


--- Quote from: newmom on August 28, 2006, 12:11:15 PM ---great looking couple

--- End quote ---
So were Titus & Ryan.  :-\


--- Quote ---Nice couple, but that is a horrid hair color for Monica.
--- End quote ---

The color of her hair does change her looks, but she still was pretty hot to all of the hundreds of guys were were swooning over her, and the girls who justed wanted to take a picture of one of the most popular figure competitors in the sport today.

--- Quote ---Looks like a women proud of her man, and damm she should be!!!!!
--- End quote ---

Oh, was Monica proud of Scott! Oh yeah! At 11pm at night, she was backstage, waiting for Scott to get his change to compete, losing to the overall winner. And that was after the prejuding for Scott was at 8:30am in the morning. What a long day!

--- Quote ---Looks like Monica will be ready for the O.
--- End quote ---

Monica will definately be ready for the Olympia, but as for what her prediction in her placing will be, she simply answered 'Second' with a twinkle in her eyes.

The General:
Hey Ron please post some pics  :-*

Scott didn't take 2nd in the heavies n even if he took 2nd how could he take the overall???? More like 3rd if i remember correctly??


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