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Tokyo Joe:
I see your point kodder but when you have a board called SEX, Sexy and more, what do you expect?

well its  a discussion forum about sex, that's what I see.
forums are places to discuss usually, not insult each others, put porn that is found everywhere.
I see alot of threads when someone tries to open a discussion and suddenly all the insecures males jump on him, and insult him one way or another.
Its just too childish, I am always interested on how other perceive all sexual activities, their kinds, their fantasies and stuff like that, at first this forum was going that way, that's why I registered.
But suddenly it became all about getting illegal passes, showing nipple slips (woah a nipple!!! bleh), upskirts, insulting people sexual orientations, and link to porn videos.
The funny thing the average age is pretty high in here, and the funny thing that discussion on some community sites where the average age is 21, seems more mature and more accepting.
just weird...
that's why I totally back up dina for this decision, I hope the old forum gets back the way it was before.

the moderaters of this board are just trying to keep things moven along and on topic there are boards all over get big to suit your needs

Theres been too many people on here lately spamming up the board. I'm talking about the ones with 0 post count.
0 post count means that you have not posted anywhere else on Getbig(except maybe the alphabet boards or complaint board)

Getbig IS NOT just the porn board. If you dont want to contribute to the rest of the board then your threads here will be deleted. If you at least contribute in some dialogue here in the other threads then your threads will stay but be merged into 1.

this was discussed and voted on here by the members

image hosting sites

im not sure if its everybody or just the good majority...but imgur links dont seem to work. So all of you are aware i will be deleting all pics hosted on imgur THAT COME UP AS BROKEN LINKS(not viewable).


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