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Clubber Lang:

--- Quote from: BayGBM on October 19, 2006, 09:22:26 AM ---You’re kidding right?  Body building fans offended by talk of homosexuality. ha ha ha  Much to learn you still have . . .  ::)
--- End quote ---

now youre qualified to speak for every single "body building fan" on here ?

--- Quote ---At any rate, offensive language and offensive subject matter are not the same thing.  The latter is permitted here (every subject is offensive to someone somewhere), the former is not.

--- End quote ---

either way, you read words and get offended. far as i can tell the only real difference is the latter is permitted here(for the time being) and the former is not

just because something isnt "nice" or popular doesnt mean its not valid. 

if you dont like it post elsewhere

I don't see it as censoring at all, I see it more like regulating and building some kinda respectful environement for everyone, men(straight,bi,gay),women(straight,bi,gay) without the demeaning and degrading words. And anyway they are giving you the option to be "bad" on the other board.
Is it censorship that a government only allows porn after midnight and not after lunch?

Tokyo Joe:

--- Quote from: Dina on October 20, 2006, 10:27:35 AM ---if you dont like it post elsewhere

--- End quote ---

That should be said for those who can't handle offensive languauge or explicit pictures. Basically, this board will become obsolete as everyone goes straight to the explicit board.

totally disagree with you tokyo joe, if they aren't mature enough enough to have a sexual discussion.(which is the point of this forum). then yeah they can go elsewhere, if the only thing they want to see is porn, why even bother being here in the first place? there are plenty of forums dedicate exclusively for porn, and porn is very easy to find online.
I am starting to really wonder about the age group in here, if all they want is to watch porn and using explicit language,it kinda remind me of my early teen years.


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