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Interesting point on Saddam Hanging


Hugo Chavez:
Is there a risk of turning Saddam into a martyr?  I can't help but think how this looks, Bush had a reputation in Texas for the death penalty... Among the Arab masses, Saddam could become a legendary martyr in the years to come...  I would think the smarter thing would have been to hold any trial off until we are gone, unless the plan was to never leave...

"A Saddam, put to death on the gallows with his existing charisma, will explode into a vast energy to fuel the civil war in Iraq and may take it even beyond."

Could be right there - I don't think Iraq will become a better palce just off the back of Saddamm's hanging somehow.

I don't believe that many Iraqi people will care a great deal about Saddam's execution.  Most of the people have to many problems to deal with already.   

What I don't really get is how justice will be provided for the thousands of people Saddam had executed by executing the executioner.

Obviously most of the people Saddam executed were relatively innocent, but does it really make a good example to show the Iraqi people that saddam's executions were so bad that in retalliation we will set the new example- further execution?


Hugo Chavez:

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