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There is no such thing as global wraming

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the last 2 weeks its been 65 degrees here in wash DC
Heithrow airport is shutdown cause of dense fog

denver is in shutdown..snow!

this is just the beginning

Bush refused to sign the kyoto treaty  :)

its starting!

240 is Back:
Have you seen "An Inconvenient Truth'?

Pretty darn interesting.  I am sure the earth works in cycles, as critics say.  But if this cycle is pushed a little further than it should, and that melting at greenland and antarctica continues at this rate, my florida cracka ass is moving north. 

The media doesn't talk about the issue, so people consider it non-important.  but there would be some monster refugee crisises should it happen quickly, and even those landlocked bastards will see their stocks fall and neighborhoods fill as the world adjusts.

global warming is pretty sweet ... were enjoying an unusually mild winter up here in toronto ;D

Camel Jockey:
Some ranting conservative will post soon saying "what proof do you have" and "i don't see any immediate effects" hahaha

Global warming is very real.


the idiots that will come counter are the ones i hope die first cause of the weather changes...

actually i hope their relatives die first...

yanno..kinda get a first hand on what people in africa and bengal have been feeling for the past 5 yrs..


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