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the squad

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the squad are a bunch of little bitches..... discuss

AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAH its so funny how we make you guys so mad its fuggen funny you say you don't give a fuck about us nothing we say is important so you don't listen ahhahhahah  obviously it is important cause we seem to be gettin under your skin ahhahhahhahhahahha by the way MELTDOWN YOU ASSPICK

Count Grishnackh:
hahahahah, yes RB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine this little tiny tits was so worked up he was probably nervous and shaking to log onto Getbig as quickly as possible and post how the SQUAD has melted down his brain !!!

These little cumstains are getting easier and easier  hhahahahhahahaha


It would be great if I even knew which new tiny tit was trying to insult us.


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