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Things i learnt from "OUT FOR JUSTICE" SEAGAL FILM

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how about Cobra

Number 5 is very funny.


When someone comes up to you and says "They Got it em....they got and he was wit his family!", you automatically have to assume your best friend has been gunned down in the ethnic section of Brooklyn.

If bad guys in a crack house are shooting at you, make sure to stand behind a brick wall and allow them to unload their clip as they will shoot into that wall thinking they are hitting you.  You then run around and kill them with your hands...very effective.

Also, when going into the said crack house with big mob boss named Gino, only bring 5 rounds in your one firearm that you bring with you to this gun fight, because you know you will definately steal a bad guys weapon and use it against them, and in addition to that, even though most of those bad guys carry weapons, they will choose to run up to you and kick or punch you, while you will catch their attack and break a knee or elbow joint.  Much more effective than shooting them from a distance. 

Never hurt hookers, as they are merely products of their environments.  They did nothing of this by their own choice.

Bigger Business:
that was pretty funny QB

what about the hair though?


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