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when did your favourite tv show jump the shark?

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(for those that dont know thats when the writers give up trying make people stay in character and follow the established flow of a show in favor of craziness)

happened to seinfeld, friends, simpsons ... the original was andy griffith was it not?

90210 jumped the shark when Dylan left, but got back on track when he came back. Which is not to say there were not good episodes during his absence, it was just better with him on the show.

When Greg Kinear left Talk Soup.


--- Quote from: BroadStreetBruiser on February 23, 2007, 11:19:11 PM ---When Greg Kinear left Talk Soup.

--- End quote ---

It wasn't Talk Soup then. It was The Soup.

Bigger Business:
When they changed the beginning music of Monkey Magic and got a new 'Pigsy' it was never the same


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