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^^^that looks bloody excellent

In theaters for Halloween

Re: Ghostbusters

It has been announced today that the original Ghostbusters will airing on Halloween this year. According to Digital Spy, the film is set to be released and presented at a theater near you. The film has been digitally-restored for our viewing pleasure. While many of us do enjoy trick or treating and eating spoiled candy, there is the small percentage of us that enjoy a good laugh on the night of spooks along with some good nachos and popcorn.

Sugar Ray Leonard Teaches Hugh Jackman To Box In Latest Real Steel Featurette!
In this brand new featurette for the highly anticipated movie featuring Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman, we see the Australian actor being taught to box by legend, Sugar Ray Leonard...

'I fucking love this movie!' - Quentin Tarantino

quite an endorsement !


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