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Dina & Barbara at the MUSCLEMAG booth

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Lift Studios:
Anyone going to the Arnold Fitness Expo, make sure to stop by and see Barbara Kamali and resident getbig diva Dina Al-Sabah at the MUSCLEMAG Booth. Look for a video interview with the two by our fearless leader Ron.

Kamali's married to that?!?!?!

Fuck me! How'd he score that bit of ass?


--- Quote from: blaster on March 02, 2006, 03:47:51 AM ---Kamali's married to that?!?!?!
f**k me! How'd he score that bit of ass?

--- End quote ---

She's beautiful and obviously loves King.  While it was not cool what she did to Jaroslav at the 2004 Aussie pro, it stemmed from love.  She was just standing by her man.

Barb is a sweetheart and is actually very down to earth.  She is very approachable so go say hi to her at the Musclemag booth.

I'll agree, Dina is a beautiful woman.. The other one, not so much.


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