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How many of you have failed your New Year's resolutions? ? ? :(  Is the fitness door locked?  I have the KEY!  PM me for details!

What the hell are talking about?

EDIT:  Look buddy, before you start throwing out advice, you need to ask yourself - "Am I big enough to be giving advice?".  You know what my answer to the question is?

<----- 'Big Enough'


--- Quote from: BigEnough on March 02, 2006, 05:13:29 PM ---What the hell are talking about?

--- End quote ---
An opportunity to be a NEW You, a better you!

hey look everybody its tony robbins

 :) :)

This guy probably has the physical conditioning of Tony Robbins.  Anybody who chooses Andre Avigdor as their username/hero is one sad little duckling in my book.


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