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ufc 207 tonight

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this is turning out to be a pretty promising event.

we got ronda rousey comeback against title holder nunes, i suspect ronda will retire win or lose, after this fight.

then we got dominick cruz against no love cody garbrant, things are really heated between those two, for real, so it will be interesting. cody got a 10-0 record with 90% ko rate.

then we got tj dillashaw against john lineker, john has some real ko power too.

johny hendricks against neil magny, dont know much about that but i think hendricks is desperately looking for a win here, he was close to, or title holder at one time?

tim means is a bad ass fighter fighting alex oliveira, my money is on tim means.

then we got that korean fighter stun gun against tarec saffidiene, thats two great fighters. tarec at one time looked awesome, maybe he was overrated or got injuries, not sure but at least i thought he looked great at one time.

Marty Champions:
cody vs dom should be a cute fight battle of alpha junior high championchip


--- Quote from: Marty Champions on December 30, 2016, 06:44:39 AM ---cody vs dom should be a cute fight battle of alpha junior high championchip

--- End quote ---

the bully against the nerd.

im gonna put some money on dom.

Fuzzy Nuts:
Nunes - Rousey is done, competition has gotten better while she sat on her fat pig ass for a year
Cruz - Cruz is a spaz, but will win by decision
Dillishaw - meh
Magny - Hendricks looks like a hobo without ped

The Wizard of Truth:
Hope Rousey loses but I think she will armbar Nunes. Cruz decisions garbrant. Tj dillashaw is too technical for linekar so should get the decision. Hemdricks missed Weight again and is done. Magny is very durable as you see vs Hector lombard so I see him winning here. Cain v werdum not fighting is a big disappointment


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