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George St Pierre is officially back with the UFC! Fight announced!

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I hope he destroys fake champion The C,unt.

Hack Benchers:
Fuck me, another topic spammed by the topic spammer


--- Quote from: doggler on March 01, 2017, 03:47:17 PM ---I hope he destroys fake champion The girl.

--- End quote ---

Not sure followed what you said...

Not a fan of GSP's boring, predictable, fighting style.  Round 1:  Jab!... Jab!...Jab!  Ding!  Round 2: Jab!... Jab!... Jab!  Ding!  And so on, all the way to a Judges decision.  I like aggressive fighters with a killer instinct, who fight to end fights, not coast along 5 rounds, ultimately going to the judges decision each fight like GSP does.

GSPs strategy is almost exactly what you mentioned, with takedowns and blanket smothering more or less for the remainder.

Recall the days GSP actually lived up to his nickname?


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