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I can't believe Robby Lawler

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He took the worst ass beating since forman,Ali that took a hell of a lot of heart I don't see how he made them 5 rounds. Impressive. Hats off to him it sucks he lost but I never seen anyone take a beating like that I don't see how he did it

Watch his last few fights. His chin and pure toughness is unparalleled. Age unfortunately may be catching up.

It was amazing toughness he still always has knock out chances I was just amazed that was hardcore. I kinda felt his struggle I have watched him since his early 20s he's 40 now has made a great life for himself I never heard a bad thing about him

How about jerry the king lawler?

What is the ethinic bckround of that surname? Looks WASP to me 😎

Thin Lizzy:
He certainly is a tough son of a bitch but his ability to roll with the punches is excellent. There was one sequence when RDA threw like 20 seconds of punches unanswered but when they showed the replay hardly any of them connected solidly.


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