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Amercians get behind your man!

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--- Quote from: HTexan on April 03, 2018, 04:45:20 PM ---nah, most mexican fighters are too short to be heavyweight

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lucha libre , outclass other 'sports'


--- Quote from: Matt on April 04, 2018, 12:54:34 AM ---Wasn't it said that Mike Tyson did this?

When some argue that Tyson wasn't the greatest boxer, and that he only fought a string of bums, my response is - couldn't it be BOTH?  Is that not within the realm of possibility?  Tyson is like retired MMA fighter Igor Vovchanchyn - you can just tell that he punches so hard that he crushes skulls.  Tyson may not have had the record he had if it wasn't padded with a fair number of Tomato Cans, but he was still an amazing boxer, IMO.

Also, did you watch this video?:

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tyson was undisputed world champion at age 21 after 31 fights, beating 4 current/ex world champions on the way .  wilder has had 40 fights and has so far fought one semi decent ageing fighter and 39 bums....slight difference

Wilder isn't that good, AJ is etchnically better, his structure is well developed. I think beating Klitscho really put him in a good spot. With Tyson Fury coming back though I believe no one else stands a chance.


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