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My Message is Done


whether I get banned again or not I put my message on

as can be read in another thread on the lounge, a certain post is just the beginning of my completely devoted to mission of ruining epic is backs life. The people who are aware of my little gig of collecting poker debts know I have done this for a fact to multiple people, and as onemorerep said at one time, hes seen people lose their jobs, businesses and normal life from things that happen on this board. He was certainly referring to me who is more than happy to go over many many lines to fucking crush arrogant twats like epic (JS). Ironically his insults of me are what allow me to do this with nothing to lose, 55 years old with Parkinsons, who knows how much longer I have, poor, on welfare, been in jail multiple times, no family,.....his insults (not insults to me as they are the truth) are what allow me to do what I do. Whats he gonna do, call the police and have me sent to jail (oh nos not again  ::) ) , he gonna sue me for my welfare check? Is he gonna show up on my doorstep like bhanky? ahhaha obv not. Hes fucked, and I will not stop with him, even when i get banned, it will never ever stop. If I live 10 more years then its 10 more years of ruining him

epic is back:


this twat has no idea whether Ive done this or not. He is now calling his mom to see if I emailed it to her and he is calling the sheriff.  It baffles me why someone would choose to belittle a mentally ill person with absolutely less than nothing to lose and a high level of computer skills. The ego is a wild thing. Epic is back has  such a massive ego it will cost him his future, and even arrested I would still laugh at him cause hey, that doesnt change my life.


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