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Muscle Worship in Los Angeles Area?


Los Angeles is the home of several serious bodybuilding gyms.  Gold's in Venice (the mecca of bodybuilding). Golds in Hollywood and Golds in Downtown Los Angeles.  Plus others I'm sure.

I am gay and have been hoping to set up a muscle worship scene with a serious male bodybuilder.  I have checked into gay sites like Rent Men but for the most part guys who say they are bodybuilders are really just very muscular which is nice, but not the same as a serious, dedicated bodybuilder, there is definitely a difference.  I find the dedication, passion and commitment of a serious bodybuilder extremely attractive.

Please, without judgement does anyone here have any advice on how/where to go to connect into the bodybuilder community that offers muscle worship services?

I am a very discreet person and have great respect for anyone's privacy. So feel free to leave me a private message.

I appreciate any advice or recommendations.

Humble Narcissist:
Shocked a homo would cruise on Getbig. :-X


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