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The following are the official 2021 Getbig awards, as selected by majority vote of the 8 person group known as The Committee™. No tie breakers were necessary, thus avoiding the standard conflict resolution of physical battle under Code Duello.

So, without further adieu:

Rookie of the Year

Nominees: bhank, literally nobody else

Let's get the easy one out of the way. Love him or hate him, bhank joined the forum in 2021 and has been an absolute force of nature since he began. Bodybuilder, snowborder, MMA in da cage, competitor, finance expert, unemployed, high squatttin', blood shittin', cane walkin' dickweed unable to get a pair of knee sleeves that fit in less than six months, combined with a Goodrum-esque ability to stave off criticism made this choice a no brainer. He created such an impact some loser had to create a gimmick whose sole intention to stalk him. Yes, he was an absolute douchefuck during the Pellius news, but his forum impact cannot be denied. Congratulations to the official 2021 Getbig RoY, bhank

Foozle's Choice award

Nominees: JustPlainJane, Walter Sobchak, Les Grossman, joswift, Lurkernomore, Henda

We reached out to Getbig Legend Foozle to get his thoughts on who best delivered consistent insults over the course of 2021. While every single nominee on this list is worthy of the honor, it is Henda who walks away with the title. Nobody can so effortlessly integrate the word cunt into a sentence. Full disclosure, Foozle told us all to jizz on a cracker and eat it while trying to penetrate each other's dickholes, so he didn't make the decision like we anticipated. Congrats to Henda

Gimmick that should "jump off a cliff" of the Year:

Nominees: Oak / SexyCustomSynthesis / Jack the Ripper / Sir Bicep / The Masked Bodybuilder

While most gimmicks tend to suck, this year one soared above them all in that capacity, the not-so-mighty Oak. Just an annoying shit one trick pony gimmick who clogs the forum up. Responds with memes when owned, falsely blames mods for deleting his posts. Maybe Howard, maybe not, but definitely sucks. The ignore feature was made for him. Possibly autistic, definitely retarded. Congr....uh, Fuck off Oak.

Most Underrated Poster: GA: Nominees: Hulkotron / Tapeworm / Dave D / Thin Lizzy / Iron Nat / Skeletor / Phantom Spunker / Abraham G / robcguns

We like all the posters on the list, they all provide clever, witty forum contributions while staying relatively under the radar, but giving it to Tapeworm since he's trapped in a 3rd world totalitarian shithole and needs a bright spot. Congrats Tapeworm, hope you don't have to sell your million dollar coffee machine to survive.

Best content (JPEG, GIFs, Video) poster: Nominees: Herne / Kwon / Black Metallic / Funk51 / Fitness Frenzy

All nominated are great in this context, but, Herne, he's like a machine. He's got this gift of blankness. Once you set him in motion, he will not stop. So, when three o'clock comes, he will gut her like a pig, and try not to get any on his shoes and there is nothing I can do. Congrats Herne.

Most Annoying regular poster: Nominees: Howard / Prime / Strawman

While all involved have varying levels of annoyance, Howard brought it to the next level this year. Frequently returns and disappears at random, comments in threads without reading them, does not concede points when blatantly proven wrong, vanishes when owned. All while convincing himself he's unbiased and just wants discussion. We're not fooled. Get lost Howard.

Worst Poster who has never admitted sucking a dick to get message board fame: Nomimees: Oak / Howard / pamith

Controversial decision for sure, as this poster is not really disliked liked at all, and likely has the ability to put this behind him and get better, but pamith is being awarded this dubious honor. Too many disgusting posts of fat people, one word answers that contribute nothing, too many repetitive posts. Consider this a call to up your game, not to be dismayed. If you can, The Committee™ has said it would consider retro-adjusting this award and giving it to Howard or Oak if you show improvement.

Poster of the Year (POTY) Nominees: Wes / bhank / Taffin / Soul Crusher / Vince G

This award used to be left to the general masses to vote on, but The Gracie Jiu Jitsu debacle still haunts the forum to this day. For those unware, once upon a time one of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu posters went on a furious post streak in the last 6 weeks of the year, after barely posting. He was voted the legendary Poster of the Year award immediately. A short time after, he confessed to jerking off in jail while looking at his bunkmate's implants, and disappeared a bit later. While none of the nominees are above that, in order to avoid another disaster we decided to add a post count minimum, and Taffin certainly fit the bill, racking up 3400+ posts in 2021 alone. Outside the forum that may be frowned upon, but inside, it's a badge of honor. But Taffin is always keeping it going, quick witted, smart, well liked universally, and worthy of the award. CONGRATS TAFFIN.


Posting on the Spectrum award:  Matt. Average words per post: 300  Average amount of people who read the whole post: 0

Homo of the year: Vince G. Vince provided some EPIC beatdowns this year. A veritable lock for GB top 5 all time posters, maybe higher.

Best poster named Wes Award: Winner: Wes

Other straight posters who may have sampled teh c0ck:  AbrahamG. Based on deeper analysis of some of his posts.

Posters most likely to be gloryhole homosexuals: Hypertrophy based on deeper analysis of some of his posts also.

Disturbing Trend of the Year: Older posters "returning" thinking they own the place or that anyone really cares. Some of us never left, and you're all no0bs until you re-earn it.

Gone, but not forgotten: Pellius

King Shizzo:

Congratulations to all the champions

I am honored and humbled to have even been considered for an award.  Thank you.

Congrats to all the winners.  Well done, mates!

Congrats to all the winners. you've all deserved these prestigious awards! 


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