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    A Dogs Life
Dear friends,
We are all here because we want to make sure our dogs are living their best lives
But when that life draws to an end we find ourselves totally devastated,consumed by sadness and grief.
So I wanted to write a few words to remind us of how much should also be celebrated
Please remember that a dogs life is always so much more than what happens towards the end.
For those that are truly loved ,its years of happiness,with not a care in the world,
Itís sleeping in a warm and comfy spot,feeling safe and secure.
Itís going for car rides to explore exciting new places,just seeing that leash and hearing those keys makes you soooo happy,
Itís having a special day once a year,called a birthday or gotcha day
Where you get sang to and given treats and presents even though youíve no idea why.
Itís having Christmas with family and friends,where you donít get left out in the present department
And not forgetting the amazing Christmas dinner either !
Its knowing itís safe to voice your opinion and you do !
You canít quite speak human( well almost !) ,but you can damn well get whatever you want,
You only have to sit in front of that outside door and it will be opened.
In fact itís actually a good game that is well worth playing!
Itís having constant company,human and canine alike,knowing you belong and will always have family.
For some itís occasionally having a dark and distant memory of a time that wasnít so good,but knowing for sure that your life will never be like that again
Itís enjoying meal times with your special person,where you can be sure you will get your fair share too,
because somehow the way you look is just irresistible,
Itís knowing that when you walk into the room you will get quite a reaction,
Because everyone thinks youíre beautiful and you know it!
And itís the sparkle in your eyes, and the wag in your tail because you know YOU ARE LOVED.
None of us know how to say goodbye to something so extraordinarily precious as our dogs.
So quite simply,we donít.
Itís just like when we have to leave them home alone for a while ,we know itís best not to say
Ēgoodbye ď
Instead we just whisper
ď back soon ď
Because we know in our hearts it wonít be for long.
We will be back soon and this time it will be forever.


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