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Puti the albino hedgehog snores very loudly when she sleeps, as demonstrated in these videos posted by her human Vusiuz.

In this adorable video, a baby porcupine who had been rescued from a dog attack in early May 2014, eats heartily during a midnight syringe feeding at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Buddy the Iguana Comes Running Like A Dog When His Human Calls

Buddy, a very clever 12-year old iguana comes running like a dog when his human calls, as demonstrated in this video posted by Dave Durham.


An  African grey parrot named Bela lets out an anthropomorphic “oops” after a small slip in her cage in this delightful vertical video posted by scrapplefish.


Shannon Apple captured footage of her pet tortoise slowly cruising along on a tiny skateboard. When the little reptile stops, he faces the camera in what looks like an adorably proud smile. And yes, that is a pet squirrel scampering in the background.


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