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Training protocols: HIT/HST/Max-OT/DC/GVT/Volume links inside + Excersise

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--- Quote from: Rmj11 on June 16, 2019, 04:21:08 AM ---Hit = historically idiotic training

Max-OT just another version of hit promoted by “drug free” Skip LeCour (cough cough)

DC training was exactly crap

GVT is good but is better if done over 3-4 exercises instead of one exercise. Instead of doing bench for 10x10, do bench, incline, flys for 3-4x10 each for a total of 10-12 sets for chest. Get better development that way.

Volume is what built the best bodies. There is nothing new under the sun in bodybuilding. What works, sticks. What doesn’t, comes and goes like a fad, just like hit.
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