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What did you eat yesterday?

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wild willie:
what did you dine on yesterday?

I'll begin:
2 cinnamon rolls
black coffee

French fries

Reeses Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Then I trained back

post workout was a cheese dog with a small dish of baked beans

Can you tell I am on a Labor Day diet???

How about you fellas???

This thread proves BBing is all DRUGS, and 200-400 grams of protein daily to maintain muscle size is BS.  i had 2 bagels, subway 12 in and a shrimp/crab salad.  that's under 100 grams, easy, and that's every day, just about.  

In before tito posts I dined on your mom.

wild willie:

how was she??

It's time for some sammon, potatoes and


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