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Russia has penetrated Ukraine

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--- Quote from: Kwon on February 23, 2022, 11:09:35 PM ---They will.

Good opportunity while Putin takes Ukraine now, since Nato is lax and wont do anything.

--- End quote ---

Except Taiwan is able to fight back.

I follow this YT channel, it's by Pavlo and his gorgeous girlfriend Luba from Ukraine:

Very interesting and educational, I didn't know much about Ukraine.

They show rural life, which looks like that in western countries from 100 years ago. So people living off grid and with their own vegetable gardens and chickens etc, because a pension over there is about 95 euros per month (roughly 105 US dollars per month)

Those poor people are victims of yet another pointless war. There will be many casualties, innocent civilians, animals, and massive destruction by the fascist red army.


--- Quote from: jude2 on February 23, 2022, 09:52:25 PM ---Of course China will.  They know weakness when they see it.

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In contrast to Russia which has a very closed economy, China is extremely dependent on trade and exports. Russia only sells commodities, pretty much nothing else.

So China is highly vulnerable to trade sanctions. Internal unrest and instability is the no 1 fear of the Chinese communist party.

And the real estate bubble that is imploding makes the situation even more tricky for Peking. So they will stick to their long term salami tactics rather than ever outright attack the free and independent nation of Taiwan.




Vince G, CSN MFT:

--- Quote from: Matt on February 23, 2022, 10:04:26 PM ---The USA definitely bungled things up in Iraq, but that's not true for all of American history.

Regarding American military intervention:

Please invade Canada immediately.

I will send you that $20 immediately if you could do that for me, Tommy.

--- End quote ---

You dont know shit about American history.  The USA is the top superpower on planet Earth, if there is one thing this country does well, its killing people.  We didnt bungle Iraq, we beat the shit out of them in every conflict and left only because we got tired of kicking their ass.

America has never been defeated in war,  your country would get skull fucked by every other country if you didnt border ours.  Your country only exist because WE are next to you.   Dont ever forget that. 

I would seriously doubt that we would intervene.  The Ukraine is anothef Slav Nation, its considered an internal conflict since the areas being invaded ate already controlled by pro Russian separatist. 

To conclude , nobody fucks with us because we are a nation of lunatics...we are always looking for someone to start some shit with us..we have the most powerful military in thr world, we spend 700 billion dollars a year on fucking people up...if we intervene , you know it when you see body parts flying in the air


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