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Frank McGrath - Dialysis.

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Video from Ron Harris, from four weeks ago.

I feel like Getbig wouldn't have missed this news before, but maybe with so many more bodybuilders coming down with health issues, it's hard to catch them all.

This news sucks - Frank is only 44 [today is his birthday]!

Frank had a 29" waist at 230-lb [he's 5'11"]. Such a small waist is basically unheard of on a modern IFBB pro:

Always had one of the best builds imo. That’s to bad.

Played and lost…..happens!


--- Quote from: deadz on August 09, 2022, 12:54:16 PM ---Played and lost…..happens!
--- End quote ---

Damn shame. Is there a specific steroid that causes kidney issues, or is this a diuretics/cutting agent risk?

Just after the 15-minute mark, Frank says he was born with one kidney, but didn't find out until he was in his twenties.  ???

So might some Getbiggers have only one kidney and not even know it?

They’ve recently found a link between Anadrol and kidney failure. Everybody’s been talking about it. It’s brutal yet true.


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