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 on: Today at 04:31:47 PM 
Started by Kwon - Last post by Straw Man
Now you're catching on. Trump was right, the leftists are the real enemy of this country and like I said, its a sad day when Putin is more trustworthy than the Dems.

even sadder when morons such as yourself demonize your fellow citizens while cozying to our enemies (and a true piece of shit such as Putin)

also sad (as in pathetic) that you'll never be able to comprehend that.

 on: Today at 04:31:09 PM 
Started by Darren Avey - Last post by Megalodon
Your post was spot on.


It's not about the what is said. It is about the how and why it is said.

Apology accepted.

 on: Today at 04:30:45 PM 
Started by Darren Avey - Last post by SF1900
Yes, they are trillionaires

Actually, I believe they are quadrillionaires.


 on: Today at 04:29:16 PM 
Started by Elvishk - Last post by SF1900
not yet...

Those leggins need to be at least 4x more tighter optimum results.

 on: Today at 04:27:41 PM 
Started by Elvishk - Last post by tres_taco_combo

i wanna sniff that like a dog

 on: Today at 04:24:57 PM 
Started by Al Doggity - Last post by tres_taco_combo
So, the one I have at home is neoprene (like most are i think). How do you care for it? Just wearing it during cardio would probably make it smell pretty bad. 10 hours a day, outside of a place where you can get away with not smelling your best...  Shocked  You cant machine wash it, so does hand washing it every night wear it out quickly? Is there a lingering odor?

they work - plain and simple

i have a sweet sweat one - i just wipe it and hang it up. i guess you could dry clean it down the road?

i have 2 of them one for cardio and one i will wear during the day (i need a tiny ass waist)

 on: Today at 04:17:10 PM 
Started by Soul Crusher - Last post by Primemuscle

Fcuking twat liberal leftist
Look at him in them pics effeminate ponce.

Great idea empowering more feminist feminazi women

Natural order of things Men rule
Look at the mess in uk / Germany / Sweden / France /
All women in power positions - well not France but that twats a liberal fag
With a mangina!!!

Woman hater!  Smiley

Truth is, I was just thinking about this while eating lunch a Burgerville today. So many powerful women in major leadership roles is a bit scary. I feel as if my masculinity is threatened.  Grin

 on: Today at 04:13:39 PM 
Started by Darren Avey - Last post by Primemuscle
Your post was spot on. That prime muscle disagrees confirms that. The hat is one big virtue signal. She loves blacks so much let her go move to St. Louis.

Missouri legislator asks governor for emergency help in fighting St. Louis homicides

Thin Lizzy, my handle is Primemuscle and not prime muscle. It's a handle, not a statement, but thanks for the compliment.

 on: Today at 04:10:37 PM 
Started by Darren Avey - Last post by Primemuscle
What ilk declares ridiculing hatred and prejudice as "reaching" and over-the-top, prejudicial and wrongheaded.  Huh

It's not about the what is said. It is about the how and why it is said.

 on: Today at 04:07:20 PM 
Started by Dos Equis - Last post by Primemuscle
andre pm's me the craziest things man - you should only see.   Grin

Don't taunt me with the undo-able, it's not nice. Ask Andre to send some of his crazy PM's my way....I'm always up for a good laugh.

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