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Interview with NPC Masters National Champion, Jay Papish


Sean Katterle:

Jay Papish

In the 54-60 year old 181 class, Jay's deadlifted 501.5 pounds in WABDL sanctioned competition.

He's been competing in bodybuilding for the last four years and this summer he won the NPC Masters Nationals in the men's 60+ year old lightweight division.

Standing 5'3, Jay's built a leaner, muscular frame at 63 years of age than most men in their 20s are fortunate enough to have been able to forge.

On the House of Pain BLOG you can read about his training, nutritional advice, his methods for working around the injuries he's had to deal with and his views and observations on the sports of powerlifting and bodybuilding. His pearls of wisdom are very valuable to lifters both young and old, novice and experienced.



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