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Grape Ape:

--- Quote from: Gym Rat on May 21, 2024, 07:06:26 AM ---Mines been off/on for decades. Honestly hurt it first as a small kid, I was obsessed with throwing hard for baseball.
(Dumb move).
"Threw it out" early on. Just been re-injuring over the decades, lots of scar tissue.
My own fault though, it will heal, Ill get back on a heavy bench program, and when I top out it will happen again.
I'm finally getting "OK" with it and accepting it, and just working around it. (Before I'd work it still and ignore the pain or mask it with OTC pain meds (Tylenol, etc).
(Again, not very bright).

Feels good just to ge tback under a bit of weight, even if its smith-machine. (I focus more on triceps with my pressing, than chest anyways).

--- End quote ---

I hear on how it feels.

I have babied bench press after two shoulder surgeries, but said fuck it and will do this seven week program with my son.

It took 4 workouts for me to actually feel "right" doing them, meaning I'm comfortable in the descent, and explosive movement now.  Before I was lowering at a very slow pace (which has its merits) but now feel like I can comfortably try to blast it up.

Quick shoulder workout before a golf tourney yesterday.


1 leg calf raises - 3 sets 25-35 reps each leg
1 leg tib raises - 2 sets 50 reps each leg
Behind neck press standing - 12,12,12
Barbell row - 12,12,12
Flat bench press - 12,12,9
Upright rows - 12,12,12
Bb curls - 2x20-25 palms up grip and 2x20-25 hammer grip
Old time hack squat - 3x12 without weight
Farmers walk - 3 trips of 100 ft with 45lb plates

IroNat's garage gym...

Grape Ape:
You got those epic old school collars that are like 5lbs each.

I remember them well.

Gym Rat:
Cool gym stuff IroNat, love it...


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