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I need help: I keep sinning by making love to my wife.

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Phantom Spunker:

In recent years I've started taking my faith more seriously. Recently, though, I've stumbled on this rocky road to rectitude after coming to the realisation that all sexual intercourse - even with one's wife - is a sin.

We are already blessed with children, and our lovemaking now is solely for our own enjoyment. However, the Bible states clearly that sexual intercourse is an inconvenient and debasing necessity that we are tasked with as retribution for the fall of man. It should only be undertaken when the purpose is to ensure the survival of our species.

By continuing to enjoy such sins of the flesh, not only only am I failing my kids and wife, but I'm ensuring an eternity in a lake of fire. Please help. What should I do?

Humble Narcissist:
Let me make love to her.


Phantom Spunker:

Imagine yourself 10 years later regreting not have bonded sexually with your wife just because what someone else wrote centuries ago.
Pretty dumb whright?


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