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How many hours - TOTAL - do you work per week?

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--- Quote from: andreisdaman on December 20, 2009, 04:24:20 PM ---what kind of busineses do you run Jag?....I work out about 20 hours per week

--- End quote ---

I run online direct sales / network marketing or MLM businesses that produce passive residual income,
...whether I get out of bed in the morning or not. These businesses market a variety of in demand products and services across a number of different industries, that produce significant repeat business. They require very little time or effort to administer. The biggest chunk of time invested is actually travelling to the bank to cash my checks... sometimes the lineups can be horrendous.  :P  

My latest venture is pretty cool, because they pay instantly, and they only have two pay levels. Your first check is $500.oo and every check thereafter is $10,000.oo. No waiting til the end of the week, or the end of the month to get paid, soon as you earn $10,000.oo, it's instantly deposited into your account. Yesterday my friend Bob made $20,000.oo in one day. What's especially nice is I don't have to brave the cold to deposit funds. I can instantly have those funds electronically deposited or wired to any bank account in the world, or to a credit card. It's great for when you're travelling and away from home. There's nothing worse than having to cut your vacation short in order to fly home to deposit a check before it goes void in 90 days.  :)

50 hours a week easy.

I'm in the office for around 36 hours maximum with an average of 30/week. I might preform actual work for 5-10 hours a week though ;D. I run my side business (ornamental nursery) during the spring and summer also.

40hrs at my full time job.
Taking 10 credits of college starting in January.
Have a PT occasional job, avg maybe 16 hrs a month from that.  Sometimes less. 

Work- 6hrs

Biz development- 2 hrs


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