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How many hours - TOTAL - do you work per week?

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actual work maybe 1 hour.  But I have to be there 38 hours.


--- Quote from: xbht on December 19, 2009, 04:13:06 AM ---actual work maybe 1 hour.  But I have to be there 38 hours.

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That made me burst out laughing.

when i ws working
around 48 hrs worth of teaching/week

now a days i average around 9 hrs of studying/day 7 days/week...if you consider that work

Eyeball Chambers:
Around 30?


--- Quote from: jaguarenterprises on December 19, 2009, 04:09:58 AM ---Considering the fact that I am now actively running four different businesses, I've had to step up my working hours, it's up to about 10 hours a week now, but I can do it from anytime from any location as long as I have a phone and an internet connection. I can do my 10 hours a week from anywhere....

...on the beach...

...even in the pool...

 {sigh} life can be tough sometimes.  :P

ps: I am planning to cut back my workload in the new year though. There's a lot of travelling I wanna do.

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what kind of busineses do you run Jag?....I work out about 20 hours per week


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