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first mr a aau bert goodrich 1906 to 1991 photo credits


--- Quote from: funk51 on December 14, 2009, 01:36:26 PM ---first mr a aau bert goodrich 1906 to 1991 photo credits

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Thanks funk, never saw first one

goodrich did a little bit of everything sports wise he ran boxed  handbalanced. was said to run the 100 yd dash in 9.8 as a 38 year old. he had a handbalancing act he was the understander. he also married the sister of vic and armand tanny. he doubled for many hollywood stars back in the day and did their stunts.

the second mr a was roland essmaker born 1916 died 2002. he won in 1939, the interesting thing here was that roland tried again for the mr america crown in 1941 however this time he didn't place.

next up 1940 and 41 winner was john grimek, who retired undefeated from bodybuilding he was also an olympic weightlifter.born 1910- died 1998.


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