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Big N:

Hey bay, what you think of iphone 5? any improvement over iphone 4s?


--- Quote from: MusselFreek on October 25, 2012, 08:56:49 PM ---Hey bay, what you think of iphone 5? any improvement over iphone 4s?

--- End quote ---

Sure it's an improvement: bigger screen and much faster LTE network.  I played with iPhone 5 in the Apple store a few weeks ago.  It is a solid phone as far as it goes, but I do not think it is a big enough of a leap to upgrade if one already has 4s.  In fact, I don’t think it is worth upgrading from 4 if you are happy with 4.  I have a 4 and unless I lose or damage it in the coming months I will keep using it until iPhone 5s.

Reviewers and Apple have touted the bigger screen.  A bigger screen is less impressive to me.  If I want to look at a bigger screen I will use my iPad.  I also think the iPad Mini is silly for the same reason.  If I want to use a smaller and more portable screen than my iPad I will use my iPhone.  Given the brisk sales of 7” tablets there is clearly a market for them, but I am not in that market.

You didn’t ask about it but let me weigh in on the new iMacs as well.  Bay no likey!  >:(  I think losing the CD/DVD drive is a dealbreaker and I am glad I already have a previous generation 27” and 26” iMac with and CD/DVD drive.  I know Apple wants to move people away from disk drives, but the reality is people out there have tons of CDs and DVDs that they will want to rip.  One should not have to buy an external drive in order to do so.  Similarly, lots of people still want to burn their own CDs or DVDs.  The iMac is supposed to be a consumer friendly all in one solution.  Without a disk drive it is suddenly not so consumer friendly.  Apple should at least offer the drive as a choice for those consumers who want a drive with their machine.

Apple is bragging about how thin the new iMac is.  What exactly is the point of this?  Making it "thinner" makes it more likely to overheat in the long term (less air circulation).  The last time I checked, no one was complaining that the iMac is too "thick."  With the new thinner iMac Apple has come up with a solution to a "problem" that does not exist.  ::)

It's enough to make you want to have a coupla babies.  :D


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