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So many complain that I ban you unfairly, that you never had a change to prove yourself, that the mods take it more seriously on the main boards. Well, that is correct - we do.  Whereas the main boards are a place that many enjoy, not many do care to see the arguments between members.  And I agree.

This isn't a place to out people, to attack one another with personal information and so much. This was a place to have fun, even though you get 10 people in one room together, and you all can't get along.  Too many times we have been playing cops behind the scenes, so here it goes.

This board is more lax, yet a little different. If you start a thread, you will have the right (and just on this board) to delete any post you don't like). It is a test and only on this board. BUT the rules still apply.

1) No racist crap    2) No personal outing and attacks and so on   3) NO threatening the members     4) No tons of gimmicks.   5) All this stays on this board.

You all ask me and other mods for your chance to prove it.  Well, here goes.  I am the mod here - I cater to no one, and frankly, this place was started to meet good people and learn new things.

You post here - only I will delete or ban you on this board.  You post on other boards crap, you will be banned quickly or deleted.
 Each board has its own unique purpose.  Now get along, or bite your lip and learn to get along with what you promised me behind the scenes, or has it all been bull.

If you have personal problems with someone, DO NOT bring it to us or on the boards.  As OMR said, we are not the babysitters, BUT if you bring it here, or PM people, it is our problem, and that is ground to be banned.

We shall see... let the experiment begin.

where is Primary captain?

busy month selling used cars?


Yes please Ron and thank you.   Could you now perhaps cull some of the other boards please?  Kill the Girly Board, it never worked, it never could've.

Lax I love

But I'm Lacking

xxxLinda in London
                                                                                                   merry everything and happy always babes

is that you Linda ^^^


--- Quote from: BigRo on December 18, 2014, 02:47:44 AM ---is that you Linda ^^^

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