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Be There's OFFICIAL May '17 Competition Thread

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Simple Simon:
I am starting a thread here on advice from Princess L as it can be better policed as opposed to the GO.
I competed last year and placed 4th, hoping to improve on that placing this year

starting pics

pics from past year

Nether Animal:
Smart move. Fuck the trolls who never post a pic.

what is your typical training split and current style for our readers?

Simple Simon:
train 5 days a week Sunday through Wednesday and Friday, Thursday and Saturday off.

I train whatever I feel like when I get to the gym, whatever equipment is available sometimes same bodypart two days in a row

Chest Arms
Back Shoulders

I dont really count sets or reps but I go high reps never less than 8

Simple Simon:
Diet as of monday
4 eggs 1 toast
5 oz ribeye in a wrap with onions and mushrooms
2 tins tuna with mayo and onion in a wrap
100gms oats and 150gms whey

around 2400 cals

Couldnt stomach the last lot of shit.


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