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Do we have Constitutional rights in virtual space?


     You go to a public park, its real space. The internet has created another dimension called virtual space. But the internet is all private property. Facebook, Google, Tiktok, you are visiting private spaces. Your Constitutional rights are not valid there. For example, I donít have the right to free speech in my neighbors living room. Iím a guest there and his rules go. If I want my rights back, I must go outside to a public sidewalk. My question is, does the internet have public areas? It is now a space. Like a park or sidewalk, just a virtual one.
     So if there is no public virtual space then we officially have declared virtual space to be owned completely by oligarchs. Zuckerberg or whoever. You will never have Constitutional Rights in virtual space. And we see that you can't say things that are not deemed politically correct by the Oligarchs, even if it's your Constitutional Right to say them. You may be removed from any virtual space at an oligarchs whim. The same as if cop came and removed you from a public park while walking your dog because your wore a MAGA hat.

Do we realize what we are creating here? A virtual world owned by Oligarchs. Many spend more time in the virtual world than the real world now. Online constantly. Even if in public you are connected to your tracking devices(cell phones) so the Oligarchs know where you are.

Let's say I'm in the park writing a Facebook post. I'm on PUBLIC property but my post is deemed unacceptable by the Oligarchs. Where am I? Who owns the virtual world? If I don't like Facebook I can go to TRUTH or Twitter or whatever, but they are private virtual property as well. I can't escape.

     Most communication now is done in virtual space. And we're ALWAYS in virtual space. Youtube can ban a journalist in CLEAR violation of his Constitutional Right to say what the fuck he wants. And if he doesn't like it, he can say it somewhere else, but he can't say it in virtual public, only an Oligarchs private virtual space. He can say it to himself in his living room, but then we don't have freedom of press. His voice becomes de facto impotent. Free Press cannot exist without public virtual space.

Amended 1st Amendment

Freedom of speech and freedom of press do not exist in virtual space. The level of freedom you have in virtual space will be determined by the owner of of a given privately owned virtual space.

Humble Narcissist:
It's taking a while for laws to catch up to technology.

Start living in the real world.


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