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Anyone notice that eventually, usually in middle age, many of these gurus become angry, gossiping psychos? Talking shit about people, butting their nose in other people’s business, and bitching about how other people work out, of all things, and that others don’t take their advice?

Greg Doucette
Lyle McDonald
Dante Trudel
Scott Abel
Derek MPMD
Nick Trigilli
Paul Carter

Ever see the IG posts of some of those on the list, literally getting angry at others for not looking at them as god or caring about their advice.

What eventually makes these guys so angry?


Trigilli is the worst. A gossiping whore. He doesn't even have his own content for the most part he talks about other 'influencers' videos.

MPMD- used to have good content but lately he's basically a gossip column too. I guess once you've used and discussed every stetoid known to man- and you still look average- there's not much left to do but talk shit about others.

Farrah vs. Aceto

“Are you a cop?”

“Are you gay?”

“No. So are you a cop?”

Guru wars!

Lyle is legitimately bipolar. He admitted that was why he gets snippy with people, and why it's ruined some good relationships. That being said he does call out real bullshit like the Israeltel "Reps till failure" thing years ago.

Doucette is just a grifter in my opinion.

Don't mind Trudel.

Indifferent to "MorePlatesMoreDates"

Haven't paid attention to Abel.

Trigili is another grifter IMO, but the also has that high opinion of himself for being a low tier pro with a scummy G4P past.

Carter is an asshole. He was an asshole on the old Power and Bulk forum before he got famous and is still an asshole. He's one of those #300-500 mg HRT guys that would claim clean and short stroke reps so he could claim big numbers, and then get mad when called out on it.

He hitched his boat to Wendler and Rippetoe back then with the whole "teach you how to be a man" schtick. The difference was Wendler was enjoyable enough to look past the schtick.

Also not a fan of BBC cuck porn Rip.


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