Author Topic: Olympia: Chris Cormier's 2009 Olympia Top 10 Predictions  (Read 27815 times)


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Re: Chris Cormier's 2009 Olympia Top 10 Predictions
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5. Kai Greene: "Crazy muscle, but the guys ahead of him expose his structural flaws."

2. Phil Heath: "Loads of fresh, striated muscle and he's knocking on the door. It's only a matter of time."

slotting this early out.  when was phil or jay's structure so much better than kai's?  didnt kai win the arnold?  every arnold champ is like top 3 at the O.  when did vics legs improve in 6 mths or so to move past kai?  they wont let this guy within 1 placing of phil to  sway ur thoughts that he may have jump ahead of phil. 

yeah...good ebonic stuff from the southside chitown block.  u r correct.  not only didnt chris write that s##t....he couldnt think it up.

half mex/italians - the ignorant side is already in ur gene pool...fool.  that stuff comes natural.  dont try to sell it as u are mimicking the brothas 

good intensions part of the post