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the shadow:
this news is music to my ears....this break up gives rise to RATM re-union

Revelations, Rage and the Breakup (2006–2007)

The band wasted no time, soon recording their next album Revelations. They hired producer Brendan O'Brien, who had worked with acts including Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, Korn, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, and Bruce Springsteen. Audioslave had 20 songs written and returned to the studio in early January to finish recording them. As the bulk was sampled during their 2005 tour, the recording process took only 6 weeks. Revelations was released on September 5. The album has a number of songs influenced by old-school R&B and Soul, with guitarist Tom Morello describing the album as a cross between Led Zeppelin and Earth, Wind & Fire. Several of the songs on the new album, such as "Wide Awake" and "Sound of a Gun", take a more overtly liberal political stance than previous Audioslave releases. "Original Fire" the first single from the effort, was directed by P.R. Brown between July 3-July 7 and released July 17. On July 11, the song was made available online on Audioslave's official website for free streaming.

The songs "Wide Awake" and "Shape Of Things To Come" from the new album are prominently featured in Michael Mann's summer film, Miami Vice. This was not the first time Mann had featured Audioslave in his work; his earlier film Collateral features "Shadow On The Sun", from Audioslave's first self-titled album. The title song of their third album, "Revelations", is also featured on the soundtrack for the EA Sports football title Madden '07.

Chris Cornell wanted to delay the Revelations-tour in support of the new album, because he wanted to concentrate on his second solo album. Tom Morello said that he also is preparing his first solo album (see below) in the spring. More recently, it was confirmed by Billboard that Rage Against the Machine will be reunited for a show at Coachella festival on 29 April [2]. The reunion performance will primarily be a vehicle to voice the band's opposition to the "right-wing purgatory" that the United States has "slid into" under the George W. Bush administration since RATM's dissolution.[3] Although initial news said that this will be a one-off show, Morello didn't rule out more such performances.

On February 15, 2007, Chris Cornell officially announced his departure from Audioslave, issuing this statement:

Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave. I wish the other three members nothing but the best in all of their future endeavors.[4]

He also commented that a Soundgarden reunion was unlikely but not impossible.

The other members have yet to make any public comment surrounding Cornell's departure or on whether they plan to continue the band with another singer, as Cornell himself hinted.



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