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Currently using the Rest-Pause system. Classic R-P is 10 to 20 seconds break between each rep. I'm doing a 15 second pause between each rep, suits my needs. Anyone trying this method will find themselves using much more weight in a lift than normal. Fourth week on it. Will change workout system after 6 or 8 weeks, don't know yet. Depends on the time factor, gains and mental outlook. I use a stopwatch and do the next rep at 15 seconds on the button. I keep a training log and notes while working out. Tends to get sweat stains on it, but...Oh Well.

Half partial reps chins from the bottom position. Hammer medium grip. 1 set.
Full range chins from bottom stretch position. Hammer medium grip. 1 set
2)Curl grip chins, full ROM. 1 set.
3)HI-Pulls:DB's. Alternate sets between hands. 1 set.
4)UP-Right BB rows:
Close grip, keeping BB close to the body at all times. 1 set.

1)Step up's..alternate legs between sets. (holding two DB's in hands at first, than switch to a BB across the shoulders now) Something new for me. Will usually use squats or BB Hack squats. Seems to be working out fine. 3 sets
2) GoodMornings: 3 sets.
Without a doubt, these two exercises have helped my squat greatly.


1)Incline press:
Half partial rep from the bottom position, dead stop. 1 set.
Full ROM. Bottom position, full stop. 1 rep.
2)PBN (Press Behind Neck)
start from dead stop position. 1 set.
3) Dips (weighted) start from dead stop position at bottom. 1 set.

Reps can tend to get away from me. If I advance the weight in a movement, thinking I can get 8 or so reps, I might wind up getting 12 to 15 reps. Strength can go up fairly fast in this R-P system. Just goes to  shows people (including me) just do not know how strong they really are until their tested with different training systems..

My next training cycle will be GVT. Easier on the joints, with still increasing size and power. Approaching 35 years old very soon, so no more 2 or 3 rep max sets. Really do not need them. My two uncles are in their 60's, strong and as big as the side of a wall. They are doing more moderate weights now a days.

Side Bar: I do not do any direct arm exercises or calf exercises. Have not for years. Tend to grow very well on their own. Actually, to me, bicep and triceps direct exercise are the most boring exercises in the world. Could not stand to do them, even when I first started to workout. Football took care of my calves. Good Luck.

natural al:
just scanned it, very intresting.  I tried this type of training for a short while, ever do Negative only?

Have done negatives in the past but always with a positive (contraction) ROM with it, never doing a negative as the only exercise for a muscle group.  Negatives are good for some who may have a problem with building up strength for bwt chins or dips, for example.  The (TUT) Time Under Tension can be very important, as how many seconds it takes to lower a weight (under complete control) with negative reps. Negatives can have their place in any workout scheme. Good for breaking a sticking point. A mental factor here, as giving the confidence of handling much more weight than one is accustomed to doing. One reason that negatives could work very well with a Rest-Pause type of system. Good Luck.

Hows it going mate? Gains comeing along?


The Squadfather:
good stuff JPM, got any pictures of yourself posted?


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