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Have currently readjusted my workout. Have replaced the Rest-Pause. Am now doing Pre-Exhaust for total workout sets. With the same basic exercise as before.

With Pre-Exhaust you use a lighter movement (usually a leverage movement) before the heavier main exercise. If doing benches you would do a lighter leverage movement like DB fly, pec deck, etc and than, without any rest at all the heavier BP.  This is not new, it's strictly old school BB'ing . Been around for decades.


1....Sissy squats   3x8-10
2....Hack Squat    3x8-10    .Would suggest doing leg extensions, rather than Sissy squats. Sissy squats may be new to some people and requires a learning curve.  All this is my personal workout and may not be fully suited to others.  As your workouts might not be to me.

3....EZ Bar front raise  3x6-8
4....Front Press off of rack   3x6-8

5....DB lateral raise   3x6-8
6...Upright row..EZ bar   3x6-8   upright row are a excellent delt workouk. As well as traps and forearms/biceps.

I don't do arms. But might suggest with Pre-Exhaust ..remember no rest between exercises and 90 rest between compound P-E sets..

Triceps ...
1....DB Kick backs 3x8-10   a very good movement which most guys reject for whatever reason.
2...Dips   3x8-10
3...DB one arm sitting concentration curl.. Elbow resting against the inner thigh. 3x8-10
4...Cheat curl...either conventional of EZ bar  3x8-10

Good Luck.

Good to see you posting again bud!  :)

Thank you Wes.
 You seem to have your training in very good order, Good Luck.


--- Quote from: jpm101 on February 24, 2023, 04:52:20 PM ---Thank you Wes.
 You seem to have your training in very good order, Good Luck.

--- End quote ---
I`m trying my best my friend.

All the best to you buddy!  :)


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