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Yeh id be interested in hearing results/seeing pics to.

Iv used rest/pause before (as many reps then fail, then 15 breathes, then as many reps etc).

But never this one rep then pause method.



ALSO meant to ask JPM, i know ur a big fan of high pulls/cleans etc.

Do u think something like clean and press could be used in a program like this??
U sparked my interest so i googled it, and randomly picked a site that said bench/squat etc r fine,but deadlifts bb rows/t-bar rows shouldnt b done?!

I personally have been enjoying DC's widow maker 20 rep squats (like the breathing squats uv recommended in the past), do u work these into a program like this??


Have not been to this section for quite a while. A Davie PM alerted me. Some day before the second coming I may update current training.

OH...and clumsy try SF. Though in the distance past years my picture has been in the SD Union, Oceanside local, L.A. Daily news, Long Beach press telegram and a few selected high school journals. Name usually  spelled wrong. Also have been on TV (live and video tape ). Can not miss my original family name, mostly vowels but the family does not use that one anymore since coming to the mainland. Have a more easily pronounced  name now. Sorry, but Fa'afetai.

The clean and press/jerk could easily be the only movement used on a workout day, if you wish, with a Rest-Pause type of training. Mostly if you want a short and to the point workout. Actually any good compound exercise can be adapted as a single, and only movement for a given body part.  Caution, the clean and press/jerk can be a man killer and really make demands on stamina when first starting the program. As for compound movements, check out the post at the start of this thread. And remember to do very deep breaths between pauses. Not shallow, but try to fill the lunges. Good Luck.

Interesting - good luck.

Stopwatch, training log entries in between sets..those must be tough sessions ::)... Everyone seems to want to see pics after so much expert advice from our 35 year old sage-if there's TV footage, let's see it, or pics.


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