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Training at the KOLOSEUM with Milos.../A condensed How-to in post 1

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Sir Mixalot:
Training Milos Style:

* Bodypart once or twice a week

* Giant sets of cerca 10 different excersises, all with slightly different purposes, 3-4 times per bodypart

* Very short rest between the excersises inside a giant set, we're talking the 5 seconds it takes to switch excersise.

(courtesy of garraeth)

As with the rest, everything is 10 reps.
No rest between exercises -- finish, walk to next one, start. No pausing.

All movements are slow and controlled unless specified as a "power" movement.

All movements are to full contraction. So at the end of the movement your muscle cramps -- like if you get a leg cramp while watching TV.

At the start of the movement you do not rest. So like at the bottom of laterals you don't just drop the weight, you lower it with control and stop before the weight "disappears" (because of the angle).

Each time through a giant set, add a bit of weight to each exercise (unless it's already too heavy for you, then don't add weight)   

I'm trying to add more details, this is a start though. Read the thread. - Hedge

To those of you who cast constant controversy of Milos and his routines... I have some pics of Garraeth and I getting our arms Blasted to another Dimension last night!!!

Does Milos have good tricep training techniques?

that form is horrible  ;D


--- Quote from: garraeth on March 30, 2007, 05:33:53 PM ---more...Owen can post his own if he wants.

--- End quote ---

Gaerrath you look like you've leaned up alot. 

"interesting" form


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