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--- Quote from: McFarland on May 23, 2008, 07:31:25 PM ---Mike's impressing me here.  Matt you're simply a fucking moron if you think you can be successful in any business venture promoting hate.  "Hate" in this context being essentially any doctrination holding that there are people "better" than others based on genetically-predetermined factors.  You might not be saying "better" per se, but it's hard to posit that one group is smarter than another without feelings getting hurt. would never align themselves with you tied to your current belief system and you are a fool for failing to realize this.  Smartest dumb mother fucker I know and epic fucking fail on the 405 x 3 then six because anybody that knows anything about having deadlifted 500+ plus knows that's easily how much strength can vary from deadlift workout to workout regardless of any nutrient/supplement/steroid intake in the meantime.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, except I invested in Bitcoin at $180, and is getting eaten alive by Amazon Sports Nutrition.

So who won that one, genius? you think I give TWO FUCKING SHITS who is "offended" by my stating FACTS? So according to YOU, it's better to promote false narratives that are COMPLETE LIES, which - now that the dust has settled - have made Western Civilization worse off in every possible way?

Jeff, you twat. I say that while still respecting you, from one father to the next.

It seems like what you are saying is that overt hatred of other races is negative. I agree. But we live in a society, where a WHITE MAN BREATHING is considered racist.

Now why the FUCK would I submit to such ridiculous self-hating horseshit? And if you think I give two fucking shits about making myself unemployable over this - you are wrong. Bitcoin allows me to make money online while living off the grid of mainstream economic society. I'm divorced from the mainstream economy, and 100% financially autonomous. My rent and YouTube ad revenue is nice, but do you think I would lose one SECOND of sleep if I lost both of those income streams tomorrow? Hell no, I wouldn't!

So yeah, American Blacks commit more murder than all other races in the USA COMBINED, and I don't believe for a SECOND that the Jewish narrative of Germany and Hitler during WWII is anything but a major exaggeration, and  vile anti-German hatred, spread by Jewish-controlled Hollywood, and Jewish-controlled Big Tech. But no bias or agenda there...right Jeff?  ::)

See - you THINK I'm screwing my options by being so outspoken, but I am an articulate speaker, and people respect me MORE for speaking truth to power. Will they admit it? Hell no, they won't! Why not? Because people like YOU will lose your career if you DARE demonstrate the balls I have. And you know it. You know that YOU can't speak your mind, but I can. So you threaten me about not getting a job I WILL NEVER NEED, because you HATE the fact that you aren't "allowed" to say what you want.

Whereas me? I SAY WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT. And not a man alive can do a thing to stop me. And you KNOW IT.  ;D

But that's what's so fucking cool about me, Jeff - I'm not scared of Jewish and social pressure regarding STATING FACTS on "controversal" issues. Meanwhile, YOU wear a face mask while not even sick because the government tells you to, and you won't even publicly admit the kindergarten knowledge that "Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina" - BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING SCARED OF THE EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL REPERCUSSIONS OF DOING SO.

I have the UTMOST RESPECT for Ron and OneMoreRep, and they are my favourite Jews. But do you I give two fucking shits about "offending them" by making a comment putting Hitler in context?

And how dare anyone insult Ron and OMR for suggesting these men aren't intelligent enough to discuss WWII from a non-Jewish lens.

I get that Israel has done bad things, but I can still empathize with the common Israeli Jew, constantly facing Palestinian terrorism. You'd be surprised how much people respect you when you have the balls to be open-minded on controversial topics.

As for "not offending people"...tell me, Jeff: why are you telling me as a White man, I need to submit and toe the line when it comes to not offending a non-White, in light of this recent anti-White disaster:

By the way, Jeff:

I am a strong, proud, non-self-hating White man who does NOT approve of mass replacement levels of immigration of non-White people into the West, due to the high crime as well as the strain on our social services it creates.


So no, Jeff - I DO NOT apologize for being "racist" by stating FACTS. I REFUSE to appease narcissistic social justice activists AT ALL, BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS DEMAND MORE WHITE SELF-ABASEMENT.

I believe in natural hierarchies, and I assure you - White men represent BY FAR the highest global group on the human hierarchy.

So why THE FUCK should we appease a bunch of whining, petulant children of other demographics, who hold 5% of our power?

FUCK THAT. I am a White man. I submit to NO ONE.

As for being employed - HAHAHAHAHA...I have enough money for the next 200 years.

Play the tiniest violin for me, would you? :)

Social justice politically correct jagoffs can suck my cock.

I'm not submitting to any of this bullshit.

End of!


--- Quote from: dr.chimps on May 30, 2008, 04:28:40 AM ---Oh brother. Are you too lazy to google 'James Watson fired?' Or, are you just being pedantic - God knows, most people will not click on given citations.

James Watson fired: 
--- End quote ---

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that the left is incapable of debating using logic and empirical evidence, so that they resort to socially ostracizing academic heretics and firing them.

That proves my point - that you have no rebuttal to anything Watson said about racial disparities in DNA - so thank you for proving my point.

After all, what would the man who won the Nobel Prize for DISCOVERING/ELUCIDATING DNA POSSIBLY KNOW ABOUT GENETICS/DNA...right???


But of course they just fired him instead. Did you REALLY THINK any of them would have the ability to debate him? LOL, leftists.

It's been 12 years man.

Let it go. ;D


--- Quote from: ThisisOverload on February 25, 2021, 01:37:33 PM ---It's been 12 years man.

Let it go. ;D

--- End quote ---

Good point.

I struggle badly with letting things go. I hold grudges forever.


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