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Dorian Yates - chest, back, delts, arms, and legs.

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love his attitude on social media as well, such a humble guy just living the life and doing it right. Amazing competitor and cool to see him actually living well unlike a lot of champs who seem to develop so many issues while in their glory years.


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Thanks a lot

Yatesís routine 1983-1986

Workout A

Bench press 3x5-8
Incline press 3x5-8
Incline flys 3x8-12

Chin ups/pulldowns 3x5-8
Bent rows 3x5-8
Deadlifts 3x5-8

Press behind neck 3x5-8
Side raises 3x8-12
Rear raises 3x8-12

Leg raises 3xmax
Crunches 3xmax

Workout B

Squats 4x5-8
Leg press/hack squats 3x5-8
Leg curls 3x5-8
Calf raises 3x8-12
Seated calf raises 3x8-12

Barbell curls 3x5-8
Preacher curls 3x8-12

Pressdowns 3x5-8
Extensions 3x8-12

Start off with 1-3 warm up sets on the first exercise of each bodypart (not shown, only worksets are displayed in the routine).

Take worksets to positive failure or 1-2 reps shy of failure.

Do a one on/one split


Yatesís routine 1987-1991

Workout A

Bench press 2-3 warm up sets 10-12 then 2 work sets of 6-8
Incline press 1 warm up set 10 then 2 sets of 6-8
Incline flys 1x10 then 2x8-10 (both sets done as a triple drop set)
Cable flys 2x10-12

Concentration curls 1x10 then 2x8-10
Barbell curls 2x8-10
Hammer curls 2x8-10

Pressdowns 2x10-12 (warm up sets) 2x8-10
Lying extensions 1x10 then 2x8-10
One arm extensions 2x8-10

Workout B

Leg extensions 2-3x10-12 then 2x8-10
Leg press 2x10-12 then 2x8-10
Squats 1x10-12 then 2x8-10
Leg curls 1x10-12 then 2x8-10
Stiff leg deadlifts 1x10-12 then 2x8-10

Standing calf raises 1x10-12 then 2x8-10
Seated calf raises 2x8-10

Workout C

Weighted chins 2x10-12 then 2x8-10
Close grip pulldowns 1x10-12 then 2x8-10
Bent over rows 1x10-12 then 2x8-10
Cable rows 1x10-12 then 2x8-10
Hyperextensions 2-3x8-12

Dumbbell press 2x10-12 then 2x8-10
Side raises 2x8-10 (triple drop set on both sets)
Rear raises 2x8-10 (triple drop sets on both sets)
Shrugs 1x10-12 then 2x8-10


Mon chest/arms
Tues legs
Weds off
Thurs back/delts
Fri off
Sat repeat cycle

Work sets taken to failure or 1-2 reps shy of failure

Use forced reps, dropset or rest pause on the worksets but sparingly, donít use all the time as this will lead to burnout.


--- Quote from: DeepBellyMuscles on September 27, 2012, 05:40:54 AM ---Great post man. The older and wiser I get the more I see things like Dorian is explaining them here. I'm not to sure I agree with his HIT style though. More sets is good for me, and less risky overall.

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Imo high intensity training is very dangerous for an enhanced bodybuilder, Dorian suffered many injuries from this kind of training


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