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How do you NOT go to failure?

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Honestly. I don't understand how people don't go to failure during their sets. And let me be clear: when I say failure, I mean repping out a certain weight until not another rep can be performed with that weight.

Whether I'm going for the big lifts in the gym or I'm just plopping down to the floor of my living room to bust out a set of push-ups, I can't help but go to failure. My body doesn't know how to do anything else. Even when I just want a pump and tell myself I'm only gonna do a few pushups to get the blood flowing, I always end up going on and on with the reps until I can't do em anymore.

It just seems god damn unnatural to NOT go to failure. The satisfaction just isn't there when I'm through, and that endorphin-driven euphoria is completely lacking if I don't push my sets to the end.

I see people who prefer lower intensity and higher volume and I just don't fucking get it. To them, I say eat shit!

I think the fear of being crushed from weights stops some people.

Training is the only pastime where failure is a good thing.

and i bet you look the exact same as you did a year ago


--- Quote from: tbombz on May 09, 2011, 08:19:02 AM ---and i bet you look the exact same as you did a year ago

--- End quote ---
Who me?

You`ll see new pics after July when I`m done competing in the NPC Masters Nats.

My goal is to always make some kind of improvement and I think I`ve made quite a bit of progress.


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